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Cancer and Fire Gear. Any progress?

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Many years after seeing what a Scandinavian fire service were doing to cut down cancer risks from contaminated PPE, I wonder what UKFRS are doing now?

The Scandinavian lot were keeping a clean cab approach with Firegear changed after every job and no grubby PPE allowed in cabs whatsoever . Crews remove kit, bag it in soluable bags and place it in lockers to go straight to laundry 

I have seen BA washing machines in fire magazines and a wider acceptance of the cancer risk. So what does your employee do?

What measures has your workplace got in hand to protect you? 

What about dragging dirty kit home after outduties?

Or have they done didly squat? I hope not 

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Messy, no dragging dirty fire gear home, its goes in laundry at station you are at, if really dirty bagged up at scene, clean cab policy . second kit carried on aplliances that allow , new appliances will have capabilty

Dirty kit made up in gloves and personal issue half mask respirators.even at station.

Clean /dirty routes for stations.

Cean person concept.

Weve got a BA washing machine coming to SHQ in the near future, so that after hot wears and large jobs they can be cleaned. (20mins per cycle of 4  I think)

Link this with new gas monitors (5 gas to include toxic twins )on all appliances for correct siting of Ba and monitoring of incident etc, personal issue half mask respirators (all ff safety)

Being taken very seriously(p.s I'm part of the project as you might guess!)

Don't think there's  any fire service thats standing still (hopefully)

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Are the TTs on stand alone sensors or VOC PID type sensor, not even sure ours picks up HCN.this is something i will need to look at if Covid does not take all the cash


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