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Bain Report Question

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Following the advice of @Becile in the "LFB Cuts" thread, I have begun to study some of the documents and reports that have been drivers of change in the FRS. I have done so because I want to gain an understanding of the past, present and possible future of the FRS, to understand the big picture, since I'm sure it will be of great benefit to me as a future recruit in waiting.

Anyhow, I've been studying the Bain report, and I understand that it came accompanied by massive strikes by Firefighters all over the country. When seeking to understand the reasons why, I could only really see 2 issues: Salaries and loss of a significant number of jobs. Of course, those are two very important issues. 

Apart from that, was there anything else that as Firefighters, you have taken issue with from the Bain report? 

From what I've read in the report, they say there was an unacceptable number of fire related deaths at the time (2002-2003)and that being the case, a "modernisation" of the fire service was needed, to become more proactive and do preventative work. On the surface, that seems to be a good thing. Another report I've read said that in the last decade, fire related incidents have fallen by 40% in the last decade, so it seems like it's working. 

What I couldn't find in the reports about the document was what else was meant by "modernisation", apart from the proactive shift and and 11% pay rise compared to the 40% pay rise the FBU was asking for. The other thing I couldn't find was what else, apart from the salary issue, the FRS in general had issues with regarding the agenda in the Bain report. 

If any of you could shed some light on this, I'd be grateful. 

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@JuanFran firstly well done on taking an interest into the frs journey in recent times.

The report can't be taken in isolation, but should be viewed as a point in time , with subsequent reports either agrreeing or taking us in different directions, the general direction of travel hasn't changed.

Much of Bain has been realised in some way shape or form for most FRS.

The White Paper was the culmination of numerous reviews of the FRS, most notably that chaired by Sir George Bain in 2002 Six key themes of the White Paper were identified by the Deputy Prime Minister in a statement to the House:

  • An emphasis on emergency as well as firefighting, with resources better allocated on the basis of risk;
  • A more coherent regional approach to fire and rescue;
  • Institutional changes to improve the management of the service;
  • Improved scrutiny and inspection, in consultation with the Audit Commission, as the Bain Review advised;
  • Reform of the machinery for negotiating pay and conditions, and
  • Modernisation of personnel management arrangements of the service

Sometimes its worth starting with the most recent and working backwards  remember Bain is nearly 2 decades  ago now.

Service drivers are many but for me most notably.




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