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Pay 2020

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The FBU released a circular yesterday saying the pay offer has been delayed by the employers. I would be surprised if we get 2% again this year. 

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I can’t help but feel ok with this when I know countless friends who have lost their jobs and others who have had their lives turned upside down this year.  I also don’t feel any criticism of the FBU is justified when I think of the pensions journey we’ve been on.  Yes 2% isn’t great but I can’t imagine there’d be much sympathy by many if we moaned and bitched about it.  We can fight for better pay another day but whether folks think we deserve more or not.... this in my view isn’t the time to throw our toys out the pram. 

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31 minutes ago, Noddy said:

We can fight for better pay another day

We do appear to have been doing this for several years now bud, take the 1% or 2% whilst holding out for what we have lost over the years. 

Given the current status of the UK, I do not think I will see a significant rise in the years I have left to do.

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The offer was 16% over 4 years. Conditions were we would Lose CPD and ARA payments. 

The 16% was inclusive of the annual pay rise. 

When you take away 1% for cpd , 1% for ARA and 2% for annual rise . It basically meant we didn't get any pay rise. 

The condition was to get the 16% we had to take on 5 work streams in additions to the grey book conditions.

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Whilst I did support the additional roles, personally I think turning the proposal down was the right thing to do. 

I asked basic questions on:

  • How the additional training needs would be delivered, especially given we don't suitably resource our core needs
  • Based on historical data, What was the forecast incident rate for our station. Nothing had been done, so given i have a full time job, how could i commit to an unknown like this? 
  • Given the state of the SAS currently, how long and how often would we have been committed to being at incidents we were ill equipped to deal with?

Never got a proper reply on any of them. If I, as a lowly FF could see potential issues that had no data to address them, then what exactly was the delivery team playing at?

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