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On a slightly different area, I wondered in any FRS have plans to carry out extraordinary fire safety audits on key premises - perhaps those where lots of public are likely to be or larger commercial buildings with lots of staff.

We used to use LFB operational crews to 'hit' high Street shops in the run up to Xmas to check escape routes etc at this busy time. I believe there is a huge potential for unusual risks to be present as business owners are distracted by the need to ensure covid safe premises 

Areas I have noted recently:

  • 25% occupancy of buildings to ensure social distancing = 25% of fire wardens trying to sweep 100% of the premises
  • Premises spreading staff onto new hours including late or night shifts, with few if any wardens or emergency arrangements in place
  • An upsurge of cycling in cities leading to impromptu bicycle storage in or blocking escape routes
  • Bulk storage of highly flammable alcohol based sanitizer in plant rooms or electrical intake areas with plenty of ignition sources.

And plenty more...

With businesses desperate to ramp up cash flow, fire safety is bound to suffer 

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