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Update to Part B Building Regulations 2020


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A new Amendment to Part B has now come out enforceable from 26th November 2020. The additional changes from the December 2019 version is as follows:-

The changes focus on the following fire safety provisions in blocks of flats:
  • Sprinklers: A reduction in the trigger height from 30m to 11m.
  • Wayfinding signage for the fire service: - A new recommendation for floor identification and flat indication signage within blocks of flats with storeys over 11m.
Amendment document can be viewed on the governments website here:-
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Approved Doc B (Building Regs fire safety guidance) is a bit like buses 

You wait over 10 years for an update and 2 come along together (ok, 11 months apart).

Lets hope this regular review policy is a sign of things to come, as at an age where new materials and novel building systems are being developed so rapidly to meet the green agenda, its pathetic the Govt's reviews of building regs guidance has been so irregular. To review every decade (or more) is simply not enough, as Grenfell showed :(

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