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Bum Bags and Pouches

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So I've just been issued with more PPE which is now getting problematic. Our service issues us with these small pouch like bags for extra bits that could be service issue, like gloves, or personal, like a few common spanner sizes (I'm thinking disconnecting battery). However I now have too much stuff in my pouch that it won't close. Too many gloves, face masks spanners and more. Anyone got a small kit bag they bought personally they take on the truck with them?

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I use a draw string bag on the appliance with RTC gloves, spare hood and fire gloves and an assortment of other bits as well as an extra water bottle and snacks. Everything else I need will be in my tunic, which I limit anyway! My PPE is set up for all shouts apart from an RTC, in which case I will remove the rescue gloves from the bag on route. This saves having 2 pairs of gloves hanging off me 

You tend to see a lot of people cramming every bit of kit they can in their pockets and it restricts their movement, is unnecessary and doesn't look good!

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