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Incident Monitoring


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I'm in the process of changing the way we monitor incidents in Greater Manchester in the hope that pump commanders can do their own at certain levels of incidents. As part of this work stream I am looking at a simple way that this could be documented and would prefer to keep away from paper. We have enough pads as it is.

I am looking at an application that could be used to support this, and having looked through a particular app called iAuditor, there are templates available which have been written by a Darren Creed? 

  • My first question is, does any service use iAuditor as part of their service assurance, incident monitoring or WM7, EFSM2 assessments?
  • My second question, does anyone know a Darren Creed, so that I could get in touch with him?

Any help appreciated.

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@Carl as you know having been in our assurance team , there is one big question you need to ask yourself and the service. why are you monitoring the incidents and what do you hope to achieve by doing such ? Otherwise you can be singularly focussed, do you have a known I ssue in certain areas ? Then focus it down, if it’s too wide, it’s so time consuming it won’t get done or not accurately. I know some services have as simple as, what went well what didn’t.

And the answer to your questions is no to both - sorry

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Hi Carl,

I did a bit of work with Safety Culture ( Iauditor) for IC assessments and have some templates on my ipad if I can still access it.

Unfortunately LFRS dismissed progress with them due to costs and what our IT deemed a risk with data sharing. 

Can you PM your work e-mail I will send you some of the correspondence and POC's I had at Iauditor. 



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2 hours ago, CaptainFlack said:

Might need you all riding pumps again!

Don't worry, I can do both. You concentrate on learning the basics ;)

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