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IC Pack - Printing Services

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This is a long shot as I have had a good look and can't find anyone who does this. Not sure if I am using the right key words?

Im looking to get a few sheets of A5 that I have produced for my IC pack, printed, but in a wipeable plastic sheet / page. I currently have them laminated which makes them quite thick, plus I want to add a few extras. Many of us will have been given handbooks of some description over the years with plasticised pages / waterproof or whatever they are called. 

Does anyone know of anywhere that simply prints onto a wipeable page in A5?

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Have a look at waterproof paper (different brands on Amazon), local authorities often use it for planning notices when they have to put them on lamposts.  Not sure if you can write on it and wipe off but might be a start and will go through a laser printer.  

If that is no use drop me a line and I will speak to one of my contacts in a print room for you or if you have a print room/repro department might be worth asking them.

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I was more hoping to just send a load of A5 docs to a company and have them posted back printed. There must be a reputable company out there that does this. 

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Any print/copy shop will be able to do this, often local colleges/uni's have public print rooms but there are plenty in towns that offer these services, even local authorities or even NHS trusts will have a public shop type thing.  Just give them a shout and ping the files over with what you want and they will be able to sort.

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