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Community Events - Covid 19

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As things appear to be slowly escalating, have many services decided on what they are going to do in respect of attending Community Events or indeed carrying out Safety Inspections or Home Safety Checks? 


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I understand Warwickshire have stopped all CFS events including S&W visits.  West Mids are discussing it I believe. 

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Yesterday morning, our group made decision to stop S+W, but would still go replace beeping alarms as and when, with precautions taken.

Yesterday afternoon, high ups decided S+W would still continue. We are to knock and step back from door by at least 2 metres. Ask a series of questions and depending on answers, will either come back after the crisis or don gloves and respirators to complete a visit. 

They also published all open day dates starting in a few weeks time,  so none of that has stopped either. 

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In Greater Manchester, we have just instigated the following:-

Safe and Well Visits 

As of 3pm on Friday 13 March, Safe and Well Visits will be stopped and crews should contact the occupier to complete the Safe and Well advice over the phone. The exception to this is high priority (arson threat) referrals that may require doorstep advice and the fitting of letter box protectors and smoke detection. Where a visit is required, colleagues should make telephone contact with the resident to ascertain if they are coronavirus symptoms – if not then the visit should go ahead as planned. If they do have symptoms then the visit can go ahead but crews should maintain as much distance as possible with the residents and the Officer in Charge is to review the PPE under a dynamic risk assessment. 

Community Rooms

As of 3pm on Friday 13 March, GMFRS is closing community rooms at all our fire stations and locations until further notice. All current community room bookings will be cancelled and no new bookings will be taken. Cancellation notices have been sent and information regarding the reopening of community rooms in the future will be available, but this will not be for several months.

Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement visits on fire stations will be subject to specific risk assessments and this will be communicated to the relevant partner. All school visits will be cancelled including at the Bury Training Centre. 


Direct engagement with businesses including Regulatory Inspections and 7(2)(d) visits have been paused for the interim period. Crews and regulatory staff should continue to undertake working practices such as telephone engagement to ensure relevant information is captured within appropriate systems (e.g. O.I.S).

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Since my last, S+W are all booked appointments with questions asked at booking and before entry. Yes to any questions, visit cancelled. No, visit as normal. Everything else we do is continuing, with RA’s to be carried out beforehand.

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