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Hi all, new here, I’m an Operational Trainer with Essex with 16 years in the job. I’m interested in how other Services train their On Call Firefighters from intake to competent. Does anyone use apprenticeships for On Call or is it mainly in house? Any info would be greatly appreciated, even a brief overview with timescales would be helpful.

Thanks J

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All in house here. Substantial Online learning before a two week foundation course that covers mostly pumps and ladders, with I think, a day on first aid and days primer on RTC (applying the first aid basic skills and scene safety and covering stabilization mostly)

Subsequently will do a two week IBA, one week RTC covering all phases, and One week Immediate Emergency Care. Besides drill nights there are Trainee development evenings to work on practical skills.

Assessments are conducted and 12 and 24 months. Competency is aimed at the 24 month mark but obviously this can take longer in practice.

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Thanks, no too dissimilar from Essex. Our WT are now on apprenticeship schemes and we’re looking to mirror that format for our on call. Do you find the pre-course online learning beneficial and do you have any more info about the content and system you use? Do you follow a recognised syllabus or your own? Sorry for all the questions 🙂

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@Jason Welcome to the forum.  As an Essex On Call Watch Manager,  I am very interested in these proposals.  Very much in favour of improving on call training but also aware that it needs to be done in a way that aids recruitment and retention and doesn’t work against it, and which keeps station JOs in the loop.

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