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Eastbourne Fire Service

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Hi @Phyly, I am presuming you have spoken or visited East Sussex Fire and Rescue to see if they have any information?

Is it appliances, stations or just the general service that you are particularly interested in. 

Personally I will be no help as I am in Manchester, but Im sure someone may be able to assist if you could be more specific. 

Good luck with your research. 

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Get in touch with the Fire Service Preservation Group (FSPG), there is a active Sussex branch that will be able to assist and point in the right direction, they are on Facebook if you are.

There is a very active preservation scene on the south coast.  There is also a preserved Dennis F12 wheeled escape from Eastbourne in preservation AJK200 that is still around too.

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Have not checked with ESFR directly but did email Facebook site Friends of. No reply.


Many thanks, that is one I did not know about. I am on Facebook with UK Preserved Fire Appliances, UK Fire Stations Past & Present, and UK Fire Brigade History.

Also have just made contact with ex fireman from Eastbourne who has promised to help.

I think that F12 is up in Leicestershire.

Thanks again guys.

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