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Velcro Badges on Bristol PPE


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Im currently looking at the badges that now are worn on PPE, such as the example in the picture which is from Royal Berkshire, as part of a review into what we may wear.

Im interested in what people wear on theirs i.e. what is issued to you
Whether anyone has a view on the reflective style, or the dark fabric background being better or worse.
What is your FRS policy on wearing any other badges i.e. to identify roles, skills, names, etc.

What do others do?


bristol ppe badges.PNG

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Nothing in GMFRS other than personally bought Union Jack/thin red line/Manchester worker bee velcro badge that sits on the upper arm pocket. Skills such as trauma tech or TRU are usually on the helmet.

I take it this PPE is the Kent lead one that services are adopting now?

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Dorset and Wiltshire, we have our station number on the front center of the tunic or role markings (T/CM and above) and the left breast patch has our service. The style looks the same as the role markings in your photo. Our service name is the same black and silver embroidered style. 

We used to have red shiny station numbers and role text, but our new PPE is as above.

Not seen anything saying you can change away from this but I have seen instructors wearing privately purchased thin red line Union Jack with their names in place of the Service Patch. 

We only have stages of development stickers on helmets, other skills (heavy rescue, casualty care etc) aren't shown.

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12 hours ago, JonnyHolbs said:

LFB told people around a year ago that badges other than the LFB flash are not to be worn on velcro patches as none of them are fire rated.

Are your own underpants fire rated? Reminds me of when they used to say you can’t wear hair gel because it’s flammable 🤦🏻‍♂️ Imagine if fire service policy was actually based on science and facts, then we could move away from this litigious nonsense. 

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Officially, rank marking front of tunic, service badge right arm *unofficially - I also wear a thin red line patch. No one's had the bottle or inclination to order me to remove it (yet) although plenty of comments !!

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One service who issues the thin red line patch ( its actually issued by Bristol Uniforms to this service ) recently replied to an FOI request about its testing:

The Velcro badges were tested in conjunction with a personal protective equipment supplied by Bristol uniforms and conforms to the following:

Fire tunic EN469 level two Protective clothing for firefighters and the personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992

Another service who sports patches similar to the LFB one replied: 

The patches issued are to the design recommended by the manufacturers of the PPE. They are responsible that the PPE is suitable for use and that any additions will not pose an unacceptable risk to the wearer.  Our PPE supplier is Bristol Uniforms Ltd

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Further to my last comment  - forgot to say that we in GMFRS use the layered option for our PPE and the badge thing is only on the inner jacket. Nothing is on the outer 'fire' tunic 

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We get our role tape tape on the velco on our left and small square with the Avon badge in the middle of our tunic. Some people wear them others dont.

Some wear a thin red line, poppy, number patch. 

No one has ever said not to wear anything other than what's issued. 

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On 15/02/2020 at 21:41, Gatts2 said:

The turnout coat we’re issued with in the BCFD comes with a US flag patch.

Some guys will put their company patch on the sleeve. 


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I've often thought this. Having said that, as I was leaving the forces it was becoming more common for ZAP numbers to not be sent over radio or in messages. This was mainly as you recognise your mates number after enough time hearing it and seeing it when writing serialized kit lists etc. Last thing you want on a fire ground or firefight is to hear your pal of 5 years is fighting for his life when you're trying to do something else and unable to help

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