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Funding the FRS - Council Tax

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Its been announced this week that our Mayor, Andy Burnham is proposing to increase the council tax for residents in Greater Manchester to help fund the Police and us to recruit a 100 more firefighters. Obviously this is good news for those wishing to join. 

How many other FRSs have seen or about to see a rise in their local council tax to fund the ever increasing shortfall. brought about by budget cuts.

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@Carl, Sounds promising.  Is this 100 extra firefighters on the GMFRS establishment (thereby increasing rider numbers on appliances) or filling a hole made by previous cuts?

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West Mids did this i think back in 2013? ( Im sure Noddy could correct me ) They sold it as “An extra fiver a year for your fire service” and i believe some of it went to recruiting around 100 firefighters

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Humberside did the same at the beginning of January and went out to public consultation.  I think for the highest band council tax was an extra £3 or £4 a year.

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