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Using ‘Sticks like ..... ‘ to fit smoke alarms


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Good point but no it is about asbestos.

I would be interested to hear whether asbestos is ever considered when smoke alarms are fixed up. 

Any builder doing work on a pre 2000 property would Legally have to get a survey done before drilling holes or starting work that materially affected a property. I would really like to hear what other Brigades do. Cheers

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It was raised in our service and a non committal answer of it being minimal and no issue was given. When queried the amount we’re fitting and over the number of years and the contaminants project we have, same answer. 

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We have used no nails for years in GMRFS and are supplied with a bespoke stepladder for home safety checks. We stopped using screws years ago after I suspect some issues. No nails is great unless you drop it on a lime green carpet butter side down. Not that I ever experienced that 😂

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People don't realise that some artex's used on ceilings contained small amounts of white asbestos to strengthen it, it was banned in 1985 but white asbestos itself was still used in building until it was fully banned in 1999 when it was made illegal.  As a rule of thumb any property we believe has been built before 2000 we are weary of potential asbestos.  The more dangerous ones, brown and Blue were banned and made illegal in 1985 including asbestos insulation and sprayed asbestos.  In pre 2000 houses the most common places to find asbestos would be in boiler flues, the old marley floor tiles, boiler seals, in artex ceilings, heat pads to sinks, toilet cisterns (old black bakelite ones) any fire proofing to ceilings and doors i.e. cupboard doors on escape corridors in council flats / social housing) and old barge and fascia boards (pretty common in post war housing during the mad rush to rebuild bombed housing). I had to do an asbestos awareness course early this year to be allowed on site in a listed building project you have to do the course and then pass an exam to get certified asbestos aware, without wanting to de-rail that could be very usefull for firefighters if not already covered in their modules on construction basics.

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