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IFE Level 3 Unit 2


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Hi there has anyone got any experience studying for this unit, as I have been using the pre planning paper work and I am finding it hard to get the information from the books that they want. It seems like the chapters don't aline up with pre planning contents. I am trying to find the answers that they want but it seem this unit is all over the place. With unit 1 you are able to use the pre planning with unit in order, any advice or tips or personal experiences  would be much appreciated.

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This is what was once called the "Members" I think? This is the highest level of Ops Paper you can take with the Diploma being the old "Grads".

I took the the Level 3 back in 2013 and to be honest, I use the SOPS my FRS uses to answer the many questions, coupled with the years of experience I had gained. It wasn't an easy paper to pass but I managed it. A lot of material I also found was in the Fire Service Manuals, a full set of which can be found in our downloads section of the forum. 

My only advice is read what I have listed above and you should do OK. I have still to pass the Fire Safety Paper but I can't seem to motivate myself to get stuck in as I find the subject difficult and to be honest, boring. 

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In that case it was 2008 when I took the Level 3. I took the Level 4 (Members) Ops paper back in 2013. It was the Level 4 (Members) Fire Safety paper I took this year.

With they would stop changing the names of these things. >:(

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There is a study book the IFE can provide & check out the recommended reading list /past papers. I sat this last year & one of the short answer questions was "what are your initial actions at a persons reported house fire". 

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