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Strange Request

Leyland Daft

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Hi, my name is Ben and my reason for joining the forum is a bit weird really. My dad gave me a pair of his old fire service gloves, they were brown leather, and I think they were part of the officer's uniform (la dee dah!) Well I cherished them very much, but then had my bag stolen and they were gone forever. I really want to find some replacements, I've tried no Ebay, but to no avail and I was just wondering if there would be a uniform store I could contact, or if anyone knew of the correct term for these gloves so I could search for them. 

Sorry for the strange request.

Many thanks,

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It's a pity some members join and within 2 days disappear. I could have sent a pair of these gloves if it was confirmed that they were the right ones. Oh well.

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