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New Boots

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Hi all, I’ve just got my first uniform, including new boots....

I can get boots on ok, trouble is, I can’t get them off.....took 3 FF to help and took over 10 minutes......any tips very welcome 

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Hi Clint, are they the boots that have the yellow across the toe cap? I have the same issue with the 'correct' size. They seem to be narrow around the ankle area and are a nightmare to get off! I had to go up a size and then get boot liners.

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My feet seem to swell in mine, I recently swapped for a pair of wider ones on the calf area and seem alot better now.  I would go and see stores and try some others.

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HB2016 , no, no yellow across toe..... the Tuffking fire boot, but they are probably same in narrow ankle.....I’ve had to take them back and order 1 size up from stores, fingers crossed they’ll be ok......

Matt...... probably got same problem as you, I’ve tried on others and gone up a size

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And hence the problem with one style fits all. 

I have the same issue, correct size boot goes on, fits lovely and running around doing firey type things. Try and take them off and it’s like your ankle will dislocate. 

Sized up and boot is sloppy and tolerable but walking in them is not great and any extended running leads to hot spots.

i would say they’ll stretch and get better but my own experience with the above boots is that they won’t.

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