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Fire Hydrant


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We live in a 3-storey apartment in a converted hall comprising of 9 properties. The fire hydrant is sited in our garden, at the front of our hall to the main entrance, underneath our hedge.

Our hedge and neighbouring hedge are identical and run adjacent to each other edging the footpath to the main entrance. The hydrant services all 9 homes and will be serviced and maintained by our local fire service but the problem is access.

The hedge is approx 2feet above the hydrant and half of our residents want our hedge cut down while the other half want to relocate it a few metres up the pipeline to save our hedge!

We have costed relocation with the Water Board and we will excavate and backfill ourselves to save costs.

As we all form the Management Company and under our transfer deeds are responsible for ‘connecting media.’  Are they legally obliged to cut our hedge without our permission?

What is the way forward on this please?

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Moving the hydrant will cost thousands so don't even go there & don't go cutting the hedge down .... not yet anyway 

Is it a private hydrant or is a statutory hydrant? I assume as its being serviced by the local fire service, it is the latter?

Why do you say it serves the 9 flats? Most hydrants serve considerably more premises than that. I assume at 3 floors there is no dry riser? (they need a hydrant nearby)

Its a complex matter. If you haven't done so already, I  would contact your local fire service and ask them to assess the suitability of the hydrant's location and requesting a reply in writing as to why they accept or don't accept its provision.

If they say they are happy - job done

If they say they are not - ask them what they are doing about it

Good luck

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