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Development FF - 10 Month Assessment


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Are there any other development firefighters on here who have recently done, or are about to do, their 10 month (or half point) assessment? Got mine coming up next month at our TDC, involves pumps and ladders, BA, RTC, basic line safety, knots and a written test. I'm on a good active watch so we drill most shifts meaning I get plenty of hands on. We have another assessment at 20 months and provided we pass that and our NVQ folder is complete we can look at getting competency soon after. I'm interested to know if other services follow the same format. 

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Obviously not a development firefighter myself, but as I have one who is coming up to his 9 month assessment, I can at least list what he has to do in order to complete it. The following are the 9 elements that have to be completed. This is done on station with a Station Manager carrying out the assessment.


9m normal pitch, confined pitch. Crews of 3 or 4.  Candidate is assessed as No 1 as the ladder is pitched and consequently made up. The candidate must demonstrate correct orders and control of the ladder and crew throughout the assessment.


13.5m normal pitch, confined pitch, obstructed pitch. Crew of 4/5.  Candidate is assessed as No 1 of the crew as the ladder is pitched and consequently made up. The candidate must demonstrate correct orders and control of the ladder and crew throughout the assessment.


Operate a major pumping appliance from the tank supply and change to a pressure fed supply whilst continually supplying jets onto the drill ground.


Tie and apply standard Fire Service knots to multiple situations / scenarios and equipment.


The candidate must don the appropriate PPE, stabilise the vehicle and use the correct equipment for the task. They must ensure that the equipment used is assembled correctly and used in accordance with laid down procedures. They must be able to disassemble and restow the equipment in the correct manner with safety to self and others being maintained at all times.


The candidate must be able to demonstrate the correct procedure for testing a Breathing Apparatus Set. The test must be completed in logical and systematic order according to the laid down procedures. All documentation appertaining to the routine test must be completed.


The candidate must be able to accurately complete the entry control board during a structured training session.


The candidate must be able to perform the role of BA Team leader and demonstrate the correct method of free searching during a structured training session, adopting all necessary wearer procedures, duties and responsibilities.


The candidate must be able to demonstrate correct donning of PPE for rope rescue incidents. They must be able to demonstrate correct setting up of both lowering and retrieval systems using appropriate anchor points. Whilst demonstrating the above systems candidates must demonstrate correct use of I’D’s, rope grabs, slings, wire strops and Karabiners.  

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Just as an update, the BA element has been removed from the 9 month assessment in GMFRS. The BA Element is now a full week assessment back at out Training Centre at 12 months. The remainder listed above is carried out at station level with the Station Manager and Watch Manager.

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We had a full day's assessment covering the below:

  • RTC - set up of the holmatro and a talk through various cutting techniques. Also a full description of the 6 stages and more detail on stabilisation and tasks on route. 
  • Trauma - demonstrate basic trauma skills on the CPR dummy including AED use. Talk through DRABC, AVPU, ATMIST and AMPLE. 
  • BAECO - simulated stage I entry control moving into stage II also with re entries (or not). Also a description of BA sector. 
  • Written Test - covering all safety critical items in all areas such as pumps and ladders, BA, line safety, water safety and RTC etc. 
  • Hot Wear - a hot wear in the afternoon to demonstrate door procedures, stair procedures, branch techniques, BA comms, search procedures and casualty handling etc along with donning and starting, closing down and removal and set servicing. 

No pumps and ladders on the day but we are marked on these during our station officers watch audit and constantly during our development. Had one last tour where we put the 13.5 up over an obstruction then took it down confined. Gets you thinking when you step into a ladder crew part way through a confined. 

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