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LFB 2019 New Process Success


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Congratulations. 🥳 When do you start? I'm currently working through the Pre-course learning and start my 11 week training course on 28th of this month. Maybe bump into you at some point during the coming weeks.....best of luck 😁

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Brilliant news.  At 38 you are likely to be older than your instructor and may be mistaken for a parent arriving to pick their child up at the end of the day.

At least you can use your Freedom Pass to get to Harrow.

Away from horrible gits like me extracting the urine, many congratulations mate and well done for chasing that dream when many wouldn't have got out of the starting blocks 👍

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You joke, @Messyshaw but there's a lad on my course who could, at 19, quite easily be my son if I had children young.

I'm oddly only the second oldest on the course - but the premature grey is kind of a giveaway for me. I wonder if it could get me a freedom pass...

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What’s odd about being the second oldest on your course?😁

I’m 41 and start training in January... Still life in the old dog yet!😂

Congratulations, I hope you enjoy your training course.

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Hats off to you folks from my generation.  I’m 41 too but have been in the fire service for 21 years and wouldn’t want to be starting now...nights are beginning to take their toll.  Well done again 👍

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21 hours ago, Firestorm said:

Well done! Ignore Messy, he's probably already forgotten what he's said to you anyway. 

@Firestorm. Someone has obviously hacked my account as I didnt say that.

Probably the staff in this home. They all talk about me behind my back you know🙄

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