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This morning at change of watch with no real notice GMC cut from 56 to 50 pumps. There is a meeting at training centre today to inform middle managers of whats going to happen, but it seems kind of pointless, after the horse has bolted. The senior managers couldn't even be arsed to let us know in advance of the decision to cut. 

And whilst i am not advocating that any appliances should be cut, 2 of those cut are at water rescue stations, reducing the crew numbers for water and flooding incidents which are on the rise. 

A total and continuous lack of respect for the ops crews by GMC managements AGAIN.

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Yeah, just being detached out which on my watch means 4 per shift at least. Its gona cost more than it would've to just keep it on the run. Its also indicative of what HMIC said about how the management treat the troops. No notice, no courtesy call. Just gone.  Time will tell on how the remaining pumps will be affected but the water incident units will be in tight spots more often and will more than likely need to both be deployed to a single job for relevant quals. 

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Poor poor show. You’d have thought it being the Andy burnham show there would atleast be some attempts at diplomacy. Any word on if the union intend to take action or? 

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I’d like to know if the recent weather has affected the water capability? Aside from the 2 water stations ( pretty good guess on which ones ) is there anyway to find out the remaining 4? PMs are welcome

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From what I gather we coped. Crews did exceptional in preventing further spread. Neighbouring brigades helped however you probably won't see them on any pictures. 

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Has there been much of an impact on the remaining appliances? I take it the remaining second pumps are getting standby’s left right and centre with there being so few left?

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In addition to talking to staff before such cuts are made, it has always been the case that the local community are consulted . But obviously not here

OK much of these public consultations are a tick box exercise, but in these days of community fire safety being everything, it does seem wrong that those who pay for the service were kept in the dark.

I would like to know what Andy Burnhams view is on the lack of consultation. He wont be bothered about the 6 pumps as some senior bod will have said GM FRS will cope - and he will take on board their expertise. 

But I thought he was a decent enough guy who would have valued democracy and openness in fiscal matters. So has he said anything?

To me the sneaky surprise manner of the cutback is worse than the loss of 6 pumps. There needs to be accountability here and not an arrogant disregard to those who the fire service are supposed to serve

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On 27/02/2020 at 23:57, Bgjm21 said:

Has there been much of an impact on the remaining appliances?

Not much impact really due to changes to the standby moves. Standby moves were quite frequent during a shift and in fact, for years, any pump sending more than 30 mins on a job used to instigate a move just to ensure cover. However, changing the way standby moves were conducted has drastically reduced them. Each borough has a limit on how many pumps remain within it. If a job kicks off and there is still "X" pumps in the borough, then no moves are made. Once the pumps reduce enough to hit a trigger, then moves will occur. 

We literally must have had 1000s a year, but now its very few. It caused a bit of stink early doors, but like everything else, it soon becomes the norm. 

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Thanks for that Carl. Sounds like they’ve just shifted the goal posts to suit. Are crews finding themselves much busier? 

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All things considered such as call challenging has probably balanced it. Over the past few years I have moved from the pumps to SM Flexi, so not sure what the impact has been fully.

Im guessing @Jet and @Mess6311 might add further clarification on any increases. 

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The biggest impact has been on the two Water stations, both losing a 2nd pump. Crewing them has been a nightmare, cost a fortune in detachements, and meant that personnel have had to be temp or perm moved due to all crew needing to be qualified (previous you could get away with a couple awaiting training courses). Covid 19 hasnt helped as it has forced the cancellation of water training for those that may have got a course. Plus people skills are expiring due to not being able to get in a requal (albiet rescue 3 offered a 6 month extension).

In terms of the other appliances, it peaks and troughs. 

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