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Busy Stations


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In London there are stations which are known for being busier than the rest and some are very quiet. 

Can anyone who works for GMFRS shed any light which stations are busier than others? 

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Yep, your busy stations are Farnworth, Bolton, Rochdale, Wigan and Manchester Central. The latter is busy as its Manchester City Centre but gets the nickname of middle finger due to the number of resets it has to carry out at AFA's. 

Luckily I am at Farnworth which is still a 2 pumps 2 specials station and demographically has a wide range of turnouts.

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So Manchester Central is your Soho station ;)

Cool, and what are the quieter stations (I will keep my fingers crossed I don't get one of these)? 

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Quieter stations are those on the outskirts. Perhaps Altrincham, Hindley etc. However, they do get their fair share of jobs when it comes down to it. Ideally, the 2 pump stations are 2 pumps for a reason ;)

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They are to some extent. However, what was once a deprived area has turned into expensive dock side apartments etc and so less busy. Don't get me wrong, they still are a busy station, its just different. The stations above I mention such as my own are heavily populated with motorways and industry and the houses are predominantly terraced and lots of them, hence the way the job goes. Its difficult to say in Manchester as its such diverse and compact. To be honest we are all busy. A quick look at the local news will tell you just how busy ;)

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