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Use of Own Equipment

Flying GS

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Looked around but couldn't find an answer. Are you allowed to use personal items of equipment? For example personally purchased firefighting gloves, light or multipurpose knife/tool.

Just curious.

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Anything that's classed as PPE, i wouldn't say its a good idea to use your own. In the event that something went wrong and you were injured. The service would not entertain any claim as you were using no standard kit.

For multi tools knock yourself out... but cut your finger and it's on you 😀

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That would be a no to the the gloves. Personal Protective Equipment is chosen after extensive research and trials and forms part of policy and procedure. They are designed to protect you as any other PPE. We insist on wearing service T Shirts as part of your PPE but many others have been known to wear their own, only to be told that if they suffered any burns and were not wearing the correct issue PPE then any claim would be substantially lower if at all.

In terms of leathermans and torches, most services allow such items. Ive never bothered with a multitool but did purchase my own torch.

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You’d think that the manufacturers of firefighting PPE would be so confident in it’s ability you could wear nothing underneath and be protected. I mean, literally tens of thousands of pounds (maybe more) has gone into research and manufacture of this stuff and you’re telling me it’s reliant on a £5 t-shirt in order to adequately protect 🤔

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Not at all. You are absolutely right, however there have been incidents were non service t-shirts have been worn and have caused issues. A well known incident I was involved in years ago, saw me cutting the fire gear off a watch member who suffered 50% burns and it was much easier cutting the £5 t-shirt off than it could have been cutting a £2 Iron Maiden one off. There was a retained firefighter many years ago that had a tsirt with a printed logo, that causes some issues during a hot wear. Most services will say that the t-shirt provided forms part of your PPE. 

Taking into account the above, I agree, socks and other under garments are personal and I guess vary from silk to asbestos, but we don't insist they are a particular material. 😀

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