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Unconditional Offer - GMFRS


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I am pleased that I have finally been given my unconditional offer to work for GMFRS as a transfer from LFB. I am still waiting for my posting so at the moment I am unsure where I will be working within GMFRS but for those who are from Manchester I will see you on the big one! I can't wait to get started on 30th May!  

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Congratulations chaps! I think it will be a merry go round in the British fire service over the next few years. Ive never known a period whereby so many Brigades are taking on trainees and transferees such as yourselves...Good luck


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Well done both. If you end up on Greens I will certainly see you soon. If you end up on my station, ill be doing your PPRs, which will be strange coming from here. :)

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Nice to finally meet @Jamiejet tonight who came down to station with some very nice biscuits and for a look around. Hope we managed to answer all your questions. As discussed I will email your documents over to you tomorrow ;) 

Enjoy the IBT course and we may well see you soon.

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Well done to you both and all the best with your moves. Nice to see this part of the forum with new content. 

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It is indeed. I have asked some of our "other" successful applicants from previous campaigns if they could put something together to create new success posts but to no avail thus far. Sadly I can't force people. 

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