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Hi all, I’m a trainee firefighter with Essex (RDS) and am coming to my 2 weeks basic training. Is there a website I can go to for information on equipment and pumps ?? I hope I have not posted on the wrong page/forum. I want to be as well informed as I can for the training and moving forward. Any other advise (like moving to wholetime from being RDS) would be extremely welcomed 

Thanks all

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I think the only people who will help you are those within your own service. Many of us will have no idea on what equipment you will be dealing with. 

In terms of correct forum, I will move this to the equipment as that's what it is about. As for your question regarding wholesome, please post within the relevant sections. 

It may be worth reading our FAQ section to familiarise yourself with the forum and the sections we have available to assist you. ;)

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