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Cheshire 2019! I Finally Made It!


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After nearly eight years and seven attempts, I finally made it! 

Its a strange feeling, and a long time coming. I first applied back in 2011 and 2013, both times for an on-call position with Cheshire and failed  on the working with numbers test. So I went back to college part time in 2014 to resit my maths and joined them as a volunteer.  I then applied for the first batch of Cheshire apprenticeships in 2016 and with LFB in 2018, but nerves got the better of me in the interviews. Earlier this year I applied for and got invited to the physical tests with Merseyside and Lancashire but I had to go into hospital for a minor operation and had to withdraw both my applications because I wouldn't be fit enough in time. 

Then yesterday I got the email I had passed my medical and will be starting in September with the next batch of 12 apprentices with Cheshire.

Like many of your good selves it has always been a life long dream of mine to become a firefighter. I never had a plan B. The website has been a great source of info in helping me on this crazy journey. So please to any others currently applying don't give up! I also milked the career breaks at my current job, and did a few backpacking trips and charity treks over the years while  I was applying and used these as examples in my interview PQAs which really helped, talking about stuff I was really passionate about, I only used one work example and I think this is what helped a little as I was less nervous and it was more of a professional conversation rather than an interview. When trying to get across my strongest examples. 

Good luck to everyone, and again please don't give up! 

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