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GMFRS Dream Finally A Reality


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Still feels slightly surreal that 10 years after my first application I’ll be starting for real in 4 weeks time.

I lost count of the number of applications I attempted a long time ago. But I made it to 6 final interviews (4 at GMFRS, 1 at a Cheshire and 1 at East Midlands Airport)

It wasn’t until stumbling across some great advice on this forum that I had a radical rethink on the way I answer questions. One question that came up in every interview I did was team work. And I believe my unsuccessful interviews I was merely describing a task I was employed to do. Yes I may have overcome obstacles, challenging circumstances etc etc but essentially I was employed to do a task and then did it. The answer the interviewers are looking for is a situation where I’d gone above that. And when I looked at the way I answered all the questions, this rethink made the difference the last interview.

Something else I did was begin volunteering at homeless shelters in the city centre. First it was something I wanted to do anyway, but second GMFRS are big on community input and a community question popped up in all 4 of my GMFRS interviews. Hopefully this will be of help to at least one person!

It will be a proud moment walking into TDC as a trainee on 2nd September, but I’m not underestimating the effort required to pass the course for a second!

To all those who have helped directly or indirectly you have my sincerest thanks. And like @Andy1 says I’ll be sticking round to help those still applying

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Good effort mate! 10 years of applications has paid off! It’s remarkable how many attempts it quite often takes and proves that you have to keep going to achieve that job you’ve always wanted!

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Well done @Stuajack, really please we were able to help and you have reached that goal. 

I interviewed a hopeful a while back who had helped out at a homeless shelter, he did loads of things that would help him along.

As mentioned with Andy, enjoy your course. Head down and crack on. ;)

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