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I thought it could be useful to have a section for reading recommendations. I’ve been looking at Paul Grimwood’s Euro Firefighter books and wondered if anyone could recommend whether to buy 1&2 or if the latest one will be enough? It’s just to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the subject really. I think @Jet may have mentioned them in the past but can’t remember when or where. TIA

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If anyone is interested in fire investigation and some aspects of fire dynamics go to www.cfitrainer.net .  Free training that I use for CPD. 

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Yes it seems like ages ago I mentioned this. I haven't got round to reading them simply because I can't get hold of a copy and they are quite expensive books.

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They are currently available on Amazon but as you say they are not cheap. The first one is 24 quid which I don’t think is too bad to be honest, but the second one is a tad more pricey. Might have a gander at the first one

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HI HoldFast

I would recommend both as they compliment each other and cover some different areas, it will give you a much broader knowledge and understanding in this field.

Happy reading 


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I was searching through the forum looking for some role related reading material and noticed that Euro Firefighter 1&2 are free to download as a pdf’s from the official site (The book is £40 on Amazon!) 

There are a fair few other pdf’s on the site that are worth a look should anyone be interested. 

Eurofirefighter downloads

Eurofirefighter 2

Eurofirefighter 2008

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I agree with the above, both Paul Grimwoods Euro Firefighter books are excellent. 

I would also recommend Ben Walkers three books; Fire Dynamics for Firefighters, Reading Fire & Fighting Fire.

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