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What can you Abbreviate on a BA Board?


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Pretty much everything really.

  • FFT firefighting team
  • CL casualty location
  • SRT search and rescue team
  • HRJ hose reel jet
  • J main jet
  • MGL main guideline
  • BGL branch guide line
  • LH left hand search
  • RH right hand search
  • TTW time to whistle
  • TOW time of whistle

There are more but that’s what I can remember off the top of my head. They may vary depending on the service

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CSP compartmental search pattern

DSP directional search pattern


Wasnt that long ago everything had to be written in full with no abbreviations. 

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I think in Essex there’s only four abbreviations aloud if I remember correctly and I was missing LH and RH and measurements.

Thanks for the help guys! 

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Not sure even LH and RH are allowed in Essex, certainly weren’t last time I got asked that by a BAI.  The other 4  you mention are fine though.

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Essex have done their own thing when it comes to BA for well over 20 years.  In the days of TB1/97, we ran with a lot stricter conditions on abbreviations, only >4 wearers needed for stage 2, no single wearers for fire in the open, no rapid deployment and more.

There has been talk of us fully adopting NOGBA but, if you pardon the pun, I won’t be holding my breath as this has been talked of before and there is always something that ends up getting in the way.

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We were taught on my course to abbreviate as much as possible (there should be a list of recognised abbreviations with the ECB) but most people who've been in more than a few years prefer not to 

Here's one from a drill a few weeks back 


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