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Station Inspections


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This discussion is aimed at those who have an understanding of the internal station inspection process. 

I have an opportunity to look into how we currently undergo Station Inspections in GMFRS. Currently SMs are asked to peer review another station on a yearly basis so over the course of every year, all 41 stations get done. The inspection takes a full day and checks far too many things to list, but covers the station itself and what the watch on duty do all day. After the inspection is complete, a report complete with photos is submitted to myself and filed accordingly. This consists of anything from 6 - 15 pages long. Any improvements identified, or indeed concerns are added to our internal system and assigned to the relevant SM of the station involved to rectify.

In order for me to review our current practice, I could do with finding out what other services do in respect of station inspections. 

  • Who carries out the inspections?
  • What do they inspect?
  • How often are your stations inspected?
  • What is inspected?
  • How are the findings shared and resolved?
  • Any other relevant information?

I'd appreciate some really good replies if possible, that may inform me going forward. 

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@CarlI,ll send you ours which I co designed a coupled of years ago when in OA.

Operational SM peer review, with 1 other officer, never their own station, standard format lasts about 3 hours, at start of morning shift, includes practical elements.OA team does not complete visit, but will randomly sample visits to assure quality and accuracy.

General station walk around (cleanliness, lockers, etc etc) handover observed, crew and watch briefing observed, check duty books etc.

Inspect risk critical areas a must - examples random check BA Book, ICS wallet contents. Junior officers H&S process log ins etc. Pump walk around / inspection and observation of BA checks etc

Basic knowledge check for officers on JESIP, an ara exercise, a practical drill, this year back to basics on pumps and ladders as this had been noted as being a declining skill. Last year ARA and correct form filling (hence this year consolidating)

Some optional areas.

Drills are detailed in the OA guidance to ensure consistency and to aid with end of year report.

2 watches per year eg a 2 year turn around. All scored red amber green, with an action plan complete to resolve any issues,- immediate action required, 1 month, 3 months, or or service issue which is raised at appropriate service strategy meeting, commentary provided by visiting officer and counter signed by the borough GG.

Results included in the station plan and ACO ops has oversight for any trends.

Local station manager then takes ownership (accountable) to ensure rag status improves.

Stored in a generic local drive, everyone has accces.

Hmicfrs seemed to like the format.

Think that covers most of your questions. I,ll email you from work - that’s a beer you owe me 😜

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Hi Carl,

OAT carry out all station assurance visits in LFRS and are done annually. They follow a theme which will involve an exercise with the on duty crew, pre-visit checks and a Q&A with the watch officers. I think the issue with SM's doing this on a peer review basis is standardisation and consistency among reports. You already acknowledge the range from 6 -15 pages and I am guessing the subjective nature of these visits varies aswell. 

  • Who carries out the inspections? Operational Assurance Team
  • What do they inspect? All KPI's, performance management recording systems i.e PDRPro, Learnpro etc
  • How often are your stations inspected? Annually
  • What is inspected? Everything 😉
  • How are the findings shared and resolved? Quarterly Health and Safety reports
  • Any other relevant information? Come and pay us a visit we are only 25 miles away 😁

Happy to help where needed Carl. Please feel free to PM and I can pass you details of our OAT team if you dont have them already .

Cheers ATB


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Who carries out the inspections?  

Audit team - part of Ops Assurance.  Done at Watch Level frequency determined by a risk rating based on previous findings.  Most watches visited each year.  Both Watch Manager and Station Manager must be present.  Takes most of the day.

What do they inspect?

You name it, they can check it.  Test records, training records, training plans,  inventories,  IRS, ARA completions, health and safety documentation, understanding of recently promulgated policies / procedures / bulletins, understanding of risk critical subjects of interest,  risk info etc.  Training observed.

How are the findings shared and resolved?

Verbal findings shared with Stn team on the day, written report within a week. Reports available to all and summary scores and common themes shared organisation wide each quarter. 

Stn management agree action plan for any points with timescales and these must  be checked and signed off when complete.

Good practice also shared.

 I can probably dig you out the guidance and my Stn report from last year to give you an idea of what was covered if you are interested.

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