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Run Stats 18/19


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Think you might need to explain the unit runs and boxes as well Gatts, the fires are obviously self explanatory.;)

If I'm reading it correctly you have a low ratio of fires to turnouts. Suspect thought you do a high number of EMT / ambulance calls.

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Unit runs: total runs for the year.

Boxes: total number of times the unit has been called out for a report of fire.  

Fires: total number of confirmed fires.

You’re correct. The majority of the unit runs will be EMS related. 

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Some interesting stats @Gatts2 does your control/dispatch call challenge anything, only ask as as in the uk many fire alarms for example are call challeged  and we dont go, as the vast majority (not all) don't require an attendance. Thus our figures are likely to be far reduced than yours by comparison. And yourself being a city FD , Apologies I dont know your city size etc.So by comparison my Surrey figures would come no where near to say Merseyside or London.(although some of incidents (example wildfire )may far exceed the city boys and girls, whereas high rise wont.

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As far as I know any fire alarm that is received at communications will be dispatched. 

Baltimore City: 92 sq miles, population 620,000

I should also point out that the fire totals refer to fires that are at least 1 Alarm (multi apparatus response). Vehicle fires & dumpster fires etc wouldn’t be included in the total. 

The majority of our call are EMS related. I’m getting pretty good at using Narcan! 

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