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Name of a Job / Case Study

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Trying to do some reflective watch learning on confined space rescue and airline type stuff.

can anyone name and even better link to the job LFB attended in (we believe) the mid 90’s involving several rescues from a tube partially filled with mud/gloop. Using Edba. We’re an airline equipped station and would like to review the incident.

Thanks in advance 

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Coleville Road sewer rescue. In West Mids the library has the dvd case study. If your service has such a similar team you might be able to get it through them or they can request a copy on loan from LFB

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Most services will have a copy of this as its a common case study from what was a relatively rare type / unusual type of incident.

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Colville Road was in 1993 (I think), a leak within a sewer pipe which was part of the new A12 extension. Two workmen were overcomne and the EDBA crews from the Fire Rescue Units had a very close call, coming out sucking their facemasks or worse.

I'm retired now, so can't get my hands on it, but to be fair, I hadn't seen the training package around for years.

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Narrowed it down to 94 as there was an article on the LeSurf sisters retiring and one of them attended the incident. Can’t for the life of me find any online reference. Looks like a groveling email to the puzzle factory (hq) to try and track a copy down. 

Unless someone had a version they could email? 

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