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BAI / Real Fire Trainer Qualification

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Currently with the LFB, Babcock provide our BA training and refreshers. Last year they recruited for associate day 6/7 trainers, meaning that you do your 2 days, 2 nights on shift, have 1 day off then 2 days with Babcock instructing, then your last day off. 

They didn't require BAI ticket on application, I assume they provide the training in house.

I'm looking at either getting a bit of an edge in any further application processes, or potentially in the future, a BAI job somewhere else. Just wondering if anyone had self funded their BAI ticket or Compartment fire behavior training instructor ticket and if it's proven to be of any use in getting BAI jobs?  (I ask this, as some previous job adverts haven't required BAI on application.)

If so, any recommendations for course providers? 

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