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Hi All, 

I have recently completed my CM qualification as well as passing the ADC process. I have recently been made Temp CM on my retained station where I have 7 Years experience. I am also wholetime FF Development for a year and due to finish my book in April.

Does anyone know If i am eligible to apply for transfers to o my retained stations brigade on the basis of my competency and rank there or do they look at the wholetime brigade I am employed with? This is based on FF transfers and CM transfers.

Also, does anyone have advice on the transfer process, interviews etc. as it will be something I try to pursue at some point even if I am unable to do so at present. 

Thanks in advance. 


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If your rds service run a RDS-WT process or a WT transfer process it shouldnt be a problem. However thats coming across as a FF. As a CC might be a bit different as youre only temp and they might want you substansive. I know of someone that did this though, came over as a FF and ended up acting up on his new watch pretty much straight away. He did have to sit the process when the WT CC process came up

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Might want to say which services you work for to due to what Becile just said in post above if you want advice. Or maybe, just ask your own Hr departments??

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