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Operational Aviation Firefighter Apprenticeship


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Serco run the Teeside school for the CAA, however not sure if you can get your "ticket" with other providers such as Newcastle airport, some airports will expect a return of service clause if they pay up for your  training, Google international fire training centre.

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@JD152710 I did the 6 week course as it was then back in 2007 at the International Fire Training Centre ran by Serco at Teesside Airport as @Br9mp81 says. A lot of airports still use IFTC to my knowledge although it maybe a 5 week course now possibly (couldn’t say for sure). The best thing to do would be give them a call for more details/cost although it would be good idea to get an airport to pay for the training e.g get a firefighter job with an airport and most put you through and pay for the training. PM me if there is anything else you want to know.  

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Are you on an apprenticeship scheme now? They are few and far between but I have heard of some airports doing it.

I was lucky enough to have done a bridging course through a previous job at Teeside, the training there is very good and where most airport RFFS go. An initial course is six weeks and there is a lot of classroom based input and theres a huge amount of general "plane based" knowledge you have to absorb besides firefighting. But you'll be doing lots of BA wears, be smelling of foam put it that way

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