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Apprentice FFs


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As title suggests a lot of services now have apprenticeship programs, - I am part of one - and wondering what sort of system different services use for their development. Older hands will no doubt remember their development book and ticking boxes 4 times to show competency.

GMFRS use an online tool called Onefile, which we input our evidence and personal logs of any incidents, drill/training scenarios that happens throughout the tour.  It is also used for our initial development as well, setting benchmarks for 6, 12 & 18 month intervals.

"Demonstrate the use of the rope rescue pack.."  - that sort of thing and so on, with the first 6 months mostly geared towards BA, as it should be imo.

Anyone else using Onefile? If so how are you finding it? Do you spend more time than usual writing everything up? 

For those who are on some sort of online system, what is the package called?



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Im on the first apprenciship cohort for LFB. We are following the normal PDR program that's been used before but with remote monitoring from the apprenticeship team. They will ring every few months and check on you along with 2 workshops to confirm skills are still maintained. You then have an end point assessment to prove you are at the required level and get your qualification. I must stress this is not linked in any way to your development and competency pay. That is purely down to your normal PDR process

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Basically trainee FF are now called apprentices because all big employers have to pay into the government apprenticeship scheme and therefore if the fire service take on apprentices they get funding from the government which make recruit training and assessment through to competency cheaper for the employer.

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Cheers everyone.

Rumour is that the new batch of recruits will be on a totally different system, linked into our maintenance of skills system, which would make sense as there's alot of duplication of things for two different systems and my downtime is virtually taken up with administration time *

I think our service must be the guinea pig for this system then and can't wait for validation at the end of the process.

Nb ( *I never underestimated the amount of learning needed and required at this stage of my career and I make sure any free time is taken up learning about the job and what's on the pump )

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It's strange pal that's for sure. No one knows how it works and the support staff who normally would aren't there for the time being.... 

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I cant agree more mate! Its horrendous. Yet again something goes live with no training, videos that dont make sense and very little support moving forward. I thought LMS was bad.... at least it was easier to navigate

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Madness, a load of us have had "apprenticeship development sessions" added to our Gartan on various dates but no email telling us what it is or even where, & no clue as to who we should contact about it as like @CaptainFlack said the support staff are no longer there 

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Are the development sessions not the days that were discussed at the evening sessions held at TDC. I attended one and I am aware there are some mid point / end point assessments along with some days being set to make sure you are prepared for them. Perhaps @Jodtom can assist assist?

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I think these are something different @Carl we did the evening session as a watch, these ones are 2 days that only apprentices need to attend so probably like you said to make sure we're prepared for mid point

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i have been told aswell that all the probationers on greens and whites have been taken off the run on bonfire night to conduct some H&S training? talk about bad management and timing if thats right

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