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Hydraulic Hose Protection


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Modern hydraulic hose has the low pressure feed surrounding the high pressure feed thus eliminating the risk of this specific injury, so not sure what hose protection would do other than just prolong the life of the hose?

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It depends on the make of the equipment your Brigade / Service uses though @Jet. We currently use two, Holmatro which as you describe has the HP hose surrounded by the LP, the other Lucas however uses twin hoses one HP the other LP. We don't use the accessory that @Highlander has linked to.

Advances in technology could eliminate the problem with the move to edraulic or equivalent equipment, which removes the hydraulic hose. 

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Yes, that’s correct. I suspect Holmatro have the IP on the HP core. We have both across the pumps. The Lukas kit is twin hosed, so the risk still exists. 

Yes the edraulic is there and great, but I doubt the role out will happen for 10+ years. 

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We have the Lucas edraulic cutting gear on all pumps in Cheshire so other services following suit is hopefully not as far off as it may seem

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12 hours ago, Highlander said:

Would love to have your faith, but I wonder on SFRS timescale for rolling out to 240 RDS stations 

😐 fair point

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