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LFB Apprenticeship Workshops


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Has anyone been to the apprenticeship workshops for LFB at 3 and 6 months and know what is covered? 

I've been trying to keep up with all the learning from training school to retain it, but if anyone can give me any insight into what modules are covered and tested so I can put some more specific revision and training with my watch. 


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I’m not on the apprenticeship, but I think they’re the same (for now anyway- Workshop B is changing shortly).

Workshop A consists of an exam on more or less everything from training, some guidelines, a bit of RTC work including a scenario, and an ‘attack run’ in the firehouse- essentially just a refresher on branch techniques. You’ll also probably throw the 9m and the 135 up a few times as well. I think there may have been a scenario in there but I can’t remember.

Workshop B is spread over Plaistow and Beckton currently. The Plaistow element consists of another exam, again covering everything from training. You’ll also then get a bit of input on the LPP and water relays and do a bit on HazChem, specifically decontamination. There’s a couple of scenarios at the end of the first day.

The Beckton element starts with a hot wear, this time a full firefight, search and rescue exercise. Expect a Q&A session on the Entry Control Board and maybe some on the Thermal Imaging Camera. Obviously get your door procedure right, make sure you’re putting up your safeties and your pulses, use the TIC on the doors and make sure you’re wet testing every door for the purposes of the exercise. The day ends with an Incident Command exercise focusing on message formulation.

You’ll get lunch at Beckton but not at Plaistow.

Have a look over all your notes from training, brush up on your water relay, LPP and HazChem policies as well as 466 and you’ll be just fine 👍🏼.

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The workshops have changed for the apprenticeship  (my course was the 1st one) 

1st one is a test on everything. A lecture on community safety and messages. You do an RTC morning and also throw up a 135 and do a bit of knots and lines. All at park royal so fwd also.

Workshop 2 is as above but no wears.

You will do a standard 2 day  BA refresher course between the 2 workshops with your course/the course ahead or behind depending on your availability 

I'll bang up a proper review on the blog at some point with a full break down

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did mine last tour for workshop A.

i had a really good instructor who we also had for some of training school. For us it was a super laid back couple of days. You do a couple of exams on every topic in training (but don’t worry it you can’t remember it all); put up a 135 and a 9m; RTC scenario and a couple lectures on community safety as well as messages as Rory said. There’s an apprenticeship meeting in there too but that only lasts 5 minutes.

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Update on workshop B (or 2 as some call it. Nobody is sure)

You do a HAZMAT exercise on first morning. Then lots of input of incident command and decision making on the fire ground. If I'm honest it was really useful and the programs used are very interactive where you will discuss all the factors affecting everyone from a FF to an SM at a job.

You also do a written test again, a case study and the obligatory catch up chat with an apprenticeship coach.

Iys 2 days at beckton and all that is needed is your helmet

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probably comes down to trainers too. Some instructors may want tunics for GTS/BA, some are happy without etc. Fair to assume you definitely wouldn’t need your boots and leggings.

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