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Respirex GTL

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Any services using the Respirex GTL, that would be prepared to share their equipment usage document/SOP, and any other material they have to support these. 

In particular how you deal with the accompanying separate wellies.

I know there are some videos on their website, which we won't be using + it's got some LFB kit on there that we wont be/dont use.

PM me if more appropriate.

Thanks in advance.

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Snap, to be honest we are  waiting for our LAFS sop so we can sing on the same hymn sheet, Respirex's uk sales manager has been a great help and they have service teams around the UK who he offered to come and visit for sizing issues etc, Respirex are the only UK makers of GTCPS so i'm a bit surprised they have not done a generic one for the UK market, his contact details are on the website or pm me if need be.

The seperate boots thing is very common in the US, even to the extent of massive overboots that look like old style deep sea divers boots, i much prefer all in one suits.

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