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Self Rostering

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Has been the norm in Kent for a couple of years now. Pros: flexibility and can work around family commitments, can bump a day and a night into 24 hours and save on traveling, good if you like seeing different faces each day. 

Cons: messages and continuity can suffer as you don't have regular watches and watch hand overs anymore, training is a pig to organise, and sudden illness can scupper the rota. Not insurmountable problems though, staff have bank days here as part of contract to cover things like Illness plus a floating group of firefighters who slot into cover such things. There's also dedicated station training days to get everyone drilling together.

There was some gloom when it first came in, but now most people here like it.

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Cheers for the summary. How does the mess work or does everyone fend for themselves?

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That varies between stations. A few of our multi pump stations send the pump out to on call stations each day to provide cover. Those don’t tend to have a mess, as difficult to organise.  Station I’m at does. £40 a month for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a mess man that does a 2 week rolling menu for each lunch and dinner. He sorts getting all the food in and then each duty, one is designated cook for the shift.

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