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Has anyone come across this product?

It would appear some Brigades are using it but first time I have seen it.

Anyone on here any experience or have it on their appliance?

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They've been on the run in Oxfordshire for a couple of months now at certain stations as a trial. I havent heard of them being used yet.

Closest we got to using it was mobilised to a chimney fire, which en route got upgraded to a full thatch fire so a bit too late on that one!

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Certainly looks like it could save a lot of tedious work if successful..

However, I am guessing this will be ineffective on open plan fireplaces. 

Regardless, if this works it could be a great piece of kit.

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Although supposedly not as effective, and I haven't heard of it being tried yet, you can use a fire blanket or similar to cover the opening if it's an open place fireplace.

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