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EVs and Rapid Chargers


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I am working on a policy to introduce a fleet of Electic Vehicles (EVs) - mainly cars , along with charging points. Some of the charging points will be the 32+amp rapid chargers, some may be even jucier power wise, around 60amp?

Can anyone tell me if their fire service has any SOPs for fires involving EVs or rapid chargers or EVs when being charged

I am also interested in hearing for any fire authorities that have already produced guidance to Inspecting Officers into installing rapid charger within a building - esp a non sprinklered building.

A sprinklered building also throws up a challenge that although there's fire suppression to contain spread, there's rarely smoke detection to achieve early detection.

Any help would be useful. I have the FPAs/RiscAuthority document on EVs but need a bit more help, in particular 're operational procedures 

BTW, if your employer offers no detailed guidance, make a fuss as these risks will be widespread in a few short years


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