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LFB - Thank You


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So technically, I haven't finished the process but I've just been given the news that I've passed the interview stage. I now have to complete the fitness (which I've already done at a fire station at an open day - and passed) and my medical. My references are solid and to be honest unless there's a catastrophic failure on my part somewhere I will be seeing all of you on the other side very soon (probably a poorly selected turn of phrase lol)

I don't know how much I'll be on here from this point forward, but it didn't feel right leaving without telling everyone who's helped me on my way how thankful I am of your assistance.

Thank you once again, and anyone reading this, who's nervous about their application, know that this is the best place to be to give you the highest chance of passing on the first go. Good luck everyone ❤️

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best of luck. My interview with LFB was August last year and I've just had my pass on the medical which was September. Just waiting for my references and checks to go through now so fingers crossed they'll be ok as I'm self employed so not so straight forward 

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Well done @Nova stay focussed for the physicals but I have no doubt you will smash it!

You should definitely stick around and keep this community thriving 👍🏼

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Nova, congrats on your achievements so far......best of luck for the remaining stages.

May I ask why you may not be around so much from this point forward?

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Well done for passing your assessment day Nova. 

Without taking anything away from you, don’t count your chickens! 

Best of luck in your remaining stages of your application.

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Like LFB92 said, don’t count your chickens mate😋 a lot of people fail the physical and medical assessments. It for sure isn’t a clear road from the interview.

As Noddy also said, it’s a shame that a lot of people have helped you through the stages to be successful, but you can’t repay others the same. 

Nonetheless, all the best.

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Thanks for the well wishes all, even if some of it was sprinkled with a pinch of misplaced indignation.

(I got promoted at work at the start of April - between the additional workload, social affairs and other hobbies/interests I have - I'm barely at home)

ANYWAY - Got my start date, so any SUBSCRIBING members who wish to PM me, feel free - but as stated above, there's a wealth of knowledge on here which will be more than enough to get you through the stages - having said that I get it's nice to get reassurance that you're doing the right thing, so shoot!

Good luck to anyone who reads this who's still waiting to hear back, hang in there, and hope to see you out there!

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Congratulations..how long did it take for the LFB to let you know you have passed the interview stage..still waiting to hear back from them been nearly 3 weeks since I had my interview and been checking emails in anticipation lol

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If it helps re-assure you @ShaquilleHenry it seems to have gone quiet for me, too.

After my medical clearance I got an email asking for my DBS check (since sent off) and any changes to notice dates, but radio silence since then. I think we're all waiting at the stages were in now! It's the August holiday season so I suspect it's all slowed down a bit like most organisations this time of year.

I had got used to hearing hours after each stage!

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It's gone (painfully) quiet for me too....I've passed every stage of the process now...with fitness testing being my final stage last week, and since then all has gone quiet. Fingers crossed I hear something soon 🤞🏻 Checking my emails every 2 minutes is making me feel a little obsessive....😬😂

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All private messages have been responded to, all those in their final stages - best of luck.

The work only gets tougher from here on out. Enjoy your time at training school, some of the best weeks of my life.

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