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This may well not belong in the good old days section if you still use them, but who remembers the Hot Cans, and did you know they are still going strong and even have a dedicated website. Did you manage to eat the curry or the chilli or did you prefer the bangers and meatballs. 

How many of you have sat there at 3am on the kerb, wet through trying to eat a luke warm Hot Can. If so tell us your stories.

I know I have. xD

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Not sure if they were the same make, but the ones we had only came in one flavour - Garlic, though the labels lied and promised inviting sounding meals.  Repeated on me for days!

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Don't remember the cans, but plenty times the meal in a box...just add the sachet of water onto the reaction pad and leave for 5 mins..the curry was good, especially at stupid o'clock in the morning or long days on the commons,  with no reliefs as the wasn't any pumps left !

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Had them often at all night steading fires etc. Very welcome at the time they were too. I could be wrong, but I remember a breakfast can and a meat or chicken casserole flavour.

And there was the one time I forgot to open the can before heating. :$

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