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Station Open Days


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We have recently started planning ours for this year.  Not sure yet what demos we will be having yet, usually have chip pan fire, line rescue. Always have firefighter charity stand, tombola and cake sale. 

Good to hear of new ideas so what kind of things do you have planned for yours? 

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We try to get as many specials there as possible (lucky we have 3 at my station) an ALP rescue demo always goes down well (especially as its 42 m) and include all other blue light and other organisations to push the multi agency partnership approach

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As well as some of what has already been mentioned we have done an RTC drill at our last couple of open days, demonstrating why we chock and block, glass management and of course door/roof removal.  It has gone down very well on both occasions.


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We have a firefighter in some stocks and let the kids throw wet sponges at us in return for a donation. Always goes down a treat 🤷🏻‍♂️ But there always seems to be a rather large child that gets a bit carried away and tries to take someone’s head off. So proceed with caution.

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