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CP3 was published in 1971 and does have a section relating to 'smoke venting'. I am unable to verify whether automatic opening vents were specifically mentioned. It wasn't adopted as National Guidance until 1974, but designers of buildings between 1971 (publication) and 1974 (acceptance as National Standard)often applied the CP3 standard as the writing was on the wall that it would be the 'go to' document in the future.

This was the situation when Grenfell Tower was built from 1972. The designers adopted CP3 rather than local London by-laws. These included the London Building Act 1939 (aka The LBA), which also mentions smoke venting. I doubt AOVs as we know them now where available then. The LBA was updated by  the London County Council's amendment published in 1967 providing guidance in how to comply with Section 34 of the LBA (mean of escape) . My assumption is that the 1967 amendment updated the LBA in technical matters and of course the advances in AFD and AOV between 1939 and 1967 would have been significant

Construction of Grenfell Tower began in 1972. The designers adopted the CP3 standard before they were required to do so (from 1974). Was this because they were forward thinking or because CP3 was cheaper to install and build? I have no idea, nor would I comment when the Inquiry is lumbering on. All I know is Grenfell was already fitted with an old (and well abused) AOV system when I first entered the building in 1983(ish).  

So it appears that smoke venting was historically 'legislated' by local bylaws. In London, smoke venting was mentioned in the LBA in 1939 and updated in 1967. Specific guidance re AOVs is harder to pin down. 

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