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Can you jump ranks/ roles in the fire service or you need to progress to your next rank / role progressively for example can you jump from crew manager to station manager 




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Operationally, in our service you can only go to the next rank. The only exception has been training school where FF's were going from FF > WM.

Some have jumped ranks for non operational roles though which where temporary and not allowed to take the rank back with them.

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Is there any written guidance which could explain the ranks progression as I cannot find anything, Ive  looked in the Grey Book but there is nothing there. please note that I am not a firefighter from UK but require this info.

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On 28/03/2019 at 20:47, HB2016 said:

In what respect? The roles are pretty self explanatory FF > CM > WM > SM > GM > AM > BM unless I am not understanding you correctly.

Basically the information I am looking for is, if it is normal practice in the UK to allow officers  lets say a CM being able to be promoted to SM without having gone through WM or lets say an SM being promoted to AM without having gone through GM.   

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