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22mm Hose

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Is anyone currently using 22mm bore hose reel jets? Have you had any issues regarding weight, carrying aloft, tank supply etc? 

What training, if any, did you receive before it's implementation and what are your branch litre settings? 


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None, we just got them. They arrived on the new fleet of Kent on-call trucks and it's been recently announced all remaining trucks will be retrofitted with then this year. 

They are really good, over 200 lpm as opposed to the 120 of the traditional hose reel with the same ultimatic branch. It's noticeably bigger tubing but no less easy to handle in my opinion. 

You do have to be more mindful of flow rates and tank supply but then you would have to be with a jet anyway so no big deal. 

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They’re good, but I think in order to get the stated 230 lpm out of them, the pump would have to be working at around 43 bar, which is obviously high.

They also get used quite regularly on small jobs and gas cooling techniques don’t work as well as they do on the 45mm jet.

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Got them on our new AT appliance a few issues with pressure and flow for gas cooling, don’t think we are there yet as high pressures are required (30 bar /230 lim) delta branch - to avoid hose kinking, be interested as to how this has been overcome by others. Also when the pump delivers high pressure 30bar delivering 10 bar low pressure simultaneously, anyone else get this.

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Unfortunately not. But due to the Rosebauer pump , when HP is selected it gives a LP output as well, certain vehicles (like airport tenders ) restrict the LP output, unfortunately on ours it's not restricted. You can affect the jet reaction at the branch by selecting a lower flow rate, but the pressure still remains.

Not a problem when just delivering LP.

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Think he means partially closing the delivery on the lp side of the pump when he says valve down mate.  

Yes 3 to 1 sounds about right. Who’s advised you about 30 bar at the pump ? You need to be north of 40 .... 

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@Dyson I get the valve down, however that potentially leads to everyone doing something different ! Rosenbauer state 25-40 bar  for HP, but to get the droplet size for the delta branch we have, the so called experts have deemed 30 bar at pump through 60 metres of 22 mm gives the result !!

40 bar is unmanageable for a branch operator trying to pulse (gas cool ) and the hose bounce is huge !

I am trying to get all the so called experts in the same room to fight it out, as were not there yet. Our old Hale pumps used to give 4 bar LP when 23 bar HP so this is blowing our minds !

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Yeah, valving down is how flow meters work. Just put your low pressure branch on the lowest flow output on the collar setting and then turn delivery until the reading on the flow meter matches it. Brilliant pieces of kit. 

On the 22mm we've been told by Delta the optimum flow setting is 150lpm for droplet size. Seems 230lpm is more for your direct cooling (painting)  than gas cooling

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@Geeta77 yes we've got them on our unimogs, unfortunately  they haven't been included on  these appliances much to.my disgust.Would you happen to have that figure officially somewhere as it would be really helpful. (PM me might be better rather than railroading this thread ) or is there someone in your brigade I can contact..Thanks

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