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Harrow, Middlesex during WW2

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A new forum member here.  Advised to join by Matt Wall of our local Fire Station here in Tamworth ,Staffs.

Was able to pass on a couple of my Fathers WW2 Fire Service kit---Matt is building a museum at his station.

Has anybody any memories of their parent or friends serving at Harrow on the Hill Fire Station during the war years.

My Father was L.A. Allen---Len and was enrolled as a driver.  Another name is "Alf Hine" who may also have been on this Station

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Hi Vic and welcome to the site.

I served for a few happy years at Harrow and another member has served there much more recently. 

Whilst I cannot help directly with your enquiry, I am aware there is a LFB History Facebook Group and another FB Group for retired LFB firefighters

I am not sure what the rules are for the site (I fear there are restrictions on new members using the private messaging system), but if you can PM me, I will try and get you on the history group and can post on your behalf on. the retiree FB group if it helps

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2 hours ago, Messyshaw said:

I fear there are restrictions on new members using the private messaging system

Only restricted to five messages that can be stored ;)

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Hi Vic, I've just retired from Harrow after 10 years there. I know where the old station was but know next to nothing about it other than that the fire bell from the old station used to see outside of my room. The LFB has a museum and may have some info for you. Also, Harrow has a local historical society that provided a few photos and information about the old Harrow stations but as for old wartime stories, I'm afraid I can't help.

Good luck. 

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