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Barking Mad Woof!


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A friend, is a dog walker/home boarder of dogs, the max she will board is 3, in a normal house, it would appear that there is now a OFSTED style inspection for this type of small business.

I've been asked about it from a Fire Service point of view and to be honest i've never done anything above HFSV, i ended up being pushed down the Hazchem role years ago

She has completed a fire escape plan and i've advised her to have a written action plan for the follow up inspection visit , the dogs are allowed free roam of landings, hall and stairs and entry to bedroom(they are treated as her own if boarding). I have advised to start and document a night time routine  is in place,(the one we should all be doing) ie everything electrical off, doors shut etc(there are no smokers).

I have suggested adding/joining up the smoke alarms (one ground/one first floor) with one covering downstairs living area.

I have told her that her first action must be to get all the two legged folks out and stay out till the arrival of the fire service, however i think we all know/have seen this is not always followed,so suggested there have a dedicated set of cheap leads by the exit and  consult with a neighbour for planned safe holding,she had suggested putting them in the secure back garden but have pointed out the last thing a Oi/c doing his reece or a BA team going for the back door need is scared mutts running around.

These inspections are not cheap (there are 28 pages), so if there is anything i've missed or anyone has any dealings with this in the past please be as kind as to give me a heads up, to be honest it looks like someone has copy and pasted from a OFSTED child minders inspection report, she also has to have a written plan as to how the dog(S) will be enriched during the stay!


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Is it April 1st yet?  A plan to show "How dogs will be enriched??'. They are dog sitting, not providing a dog school for Gods sake!!

I am intrigued about who the hell is requiring this DOGSTED inspection

I reckon apply child minding measures, such as locked electrical meter cupboards, gated kitchen and care with trailing leads to lighting and appliances etc.


Talking of barking mad - I saw an access statement document earlier today for a large office building. In that there's a mention of 2 x dog stations that are there for 'servicing' your dog if you have to take it into work. There's poo bags, wipe things and sinks apparently. Blind staff with dogs who are unable to clean & care for their dogs have to appoint a 'buddy' on arse wiping duties. 

A role for the newbie I reckon!! :)

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Cheers Messy, your points may even be covered in the tick box report, for small playful child read small playful chewy dog, i've done visits/shouts to police dog kennels and due to H&S they had massive make overs with secure entry/exit remote locked for the land sharks, leaving the the plod to complain the dogs had better accom, our comments of the dogs only have handlers to drive and answer the radio were meet with the normal comments on beds and eating well on shift !

Its local council, and like i said not cheap, about £250 first visit £50 follow up or letters etc, lets face it if you drive around town, dog walking/day care is big business.

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Was only talking to someone who had cat in the house and one of the things that was brought up was they left their doors open at night so cat could get around/use cat flap, does this person leave doors open for the dog to have free roam, might be worth reducing access i.e. close kitchen, bedroom doors etc.

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